Butterflies Abound

Remember Your Moments and Watch Your Dreams Take Flight

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Welcome butterflies into your world through an exciting and memorable butterfly release.

It is our hope that something on our site either inspires you to chase your dreams or motivates you to take that step you have been avoiding.

Life is our most precious gift.         

At Butterflies Abound We Offer You The Opportunity To Experience Beauty In Flight. We offer Native Florida Butterflies For Weddings, Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, And Any Other Celebrations.  Take A Moment To Imagine The Wonder And Excitement Of A Day Filled With The Magic Of Butterflies. Butterflies Offer Us The Opportunity To Slow Down And Breathe In The Wonder And Magic Of Life.

Every Lifetime Is Filled With Moments That Define What Our Memories Will Become
Remember Your Moments And Watch Your Dreams Take Flight.