Butterflies Abound

Release Info

Butterflies are a great addition to any celebration or memorial.
Some rules for releases include:
Butterflies should be released outside during daylight hours, on a sunny or overcast (but not rainy) day with a temperature above 60F.
Butterflies should be set free no later than two hours before sunset. This will allow for them to eat and find a hiding place for the night.
 Releases should be held in areas protected from the wind or they will quickly disappear. A warm sunny flower-filled area or garden is best.
Place the butterflies in a warm sunny area to energize for about an hour before the release.
Never place in direct sunlight.

We Are Currently Taking Orders For Butterfly Releases In April. We Will Have Several Types Of Butterflies Available At That Time, Including Monarch, Eastern Black Swallowtail, Giant Swallowtail, And Red Admiral.

Release Options

There Are Many Ways To Carry Out A Butterfly Themed Occasion. A Butterfly Release, Butterfly Themed Decorations, Favors, Etc.       Detailed Instructions Will Be Included With Each Order.

Butterfly Accessories 
We Have A Variety Of Butterfly Accessories To Add A Special Touch To Your Special Occasion.
Accessories Include Garden Basket, And Special Occasion Baskets.